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Broken World


Welcome to The Broken World

About Broken World

Broken World is a new trading card game by Broken World Gaming. Each player starts the game with a hero on the board, and the object of the game is to defeat the other player's hero or heroes if you are playing with multiple people. You can see all of the Rules of the Game here. 

Please check us out on instagram @brokenworldcards or you can take a look at our Facebook page for more information. We will also be on Kickstarter very soon.

Email us at brokenworldcards@gmail.com

or contact us below!

Broken World Gaming will be hosting tournaments in your area as soon as possible. Please let us know above if you play and do not have tournaments near you. We want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable playing experience no matter where they are.

If you are new to the game, click on the links above to learn the ropes of the game. If you have played other trading card game, then there will not be too much of a learning curve. Otherwise, we are more than happy to answer your questions if anything about the rules are unclear.

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