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Broken World


GamePLay Flow

Starting the Game

  • Your hero starts on the playing field before the game starts. Shuffle your deck and draw 6 cards. If you don't like your hand, you can reshuffle and draw one less card for every time you reshuffle. 

  • Draw a card at the beginning of your turn.

  • At the beginning of your turn, you gain 4 gold. Any gold not used rolls into your next turn, and you can have a maximum of 11 gold.

  • Flip a coin, roll a die, or something like that to decide who goes first. Nobody really cares about that part. Whoever goes second starts their first turn with 5 gold instead of 4.

  • Minions brought into play cannot attack until the next turn, but they can defend the same turn that they are brought out. If they give any passive bonuses, then those take effect immediately.

  • Minions summoned can only be placed adjacent to another minion or hero. They cannot be placed on top of a space that an enemy or hero minion is occupying.

  • Equipment cannot be used their first turn either, but they immediately give the hero attack points and/or mitigation.

Your Turn

  1. Draw a card at the beginning of your turn.

  2. Reset any minions, heroes, or others who performed an action the previous turn. This is an automatic reset. Minion health returns at the beginning of every turn. You are not penalized for forgetting to reset.

  3. Summon minions, spells, or use any alternate actions that must be declared prior to combat.

  4. Move and attack with minions. Minions can attack minions, heroes, and equipment directly. Minions can only move 1 space at a time.

  5. Your opponent chooses the minions they would like to defend with. The defending minions must be adjacent to the attacking minions to defend. Their adjacency is based on where the attacking minion is currently positioned and not where they are attempting to move.

  6. Use any alternate actions or instant spells to sway combat.

  7. Resolve the conflicts on the board.

  8. Play spells or enhancements if you so choose. You cannot summon minions at this time.

  9. End your turn.


  • Choose the minions who you want to attack and what or who they will be attacking.​​

    • If a 4/4 minion a 1/2 minion hit a hero with 5 damage, then the hero must choose how to split its damage. It does not do all of its damage to each minion.

    • All attackers and their targets must be declared simultaneously.

  • A minion can move and attack in the same turn but they must attempt to move into an occupied spot to attack in the same turn. They cannot move to one spot and attack another.

  • You can have multiple targets in a single round of combat, but a single minion cannot attack or defend against more than one target.​

  • The Defender decides which of their minions will defend against the attackers.

    • Minions who use an alternate action cannot also defend or attack. Minions get 1 action per turn.​

    • Multiple minions can defend against 1 attacker. The damage they do stacks, and the damage the attacker does spills over until every point of damage is accounted for.

      • If a 4/4 minion and 1/1 minion defend against a 5/5 minion, then all of the minions defeat each other.

      • ​If a 4/4 minion and 1/2 minion defend against a 5/5 minion, the defender must choose which minion is defending first. If the 4/4 minion defends first, then the 4/4 minion is defeaed and the 1/2 minion takes 1 damage.

      • If a 2/2, 2/2, and a 1/2 minion defend against a 5/5 minion, then 2 of the smaller minions would be defeated and the 5/5 would be defeated. Which minion survive depends on the defense order.

  • Process the combat including adjacency bonuses.

    • A minion is not defeated in combat until every bonus and spell has been processed. Most alternate actions can be used during combat, meaning an alternate action could save a minion that would otherwise be defeated.

    • Example 1: If a 4/4 and a 4/5 fight each other, then the 4/4 would perish. BUT hypothetically, a minion could use an alternate action bonus to give the 4/4 minion an extra health point until the end of the turn.

    • Example 2: If a 1/1 and 1/2 minion fight each other, the 1/2 minion would defeat the 1/1 minion. If the player then applied a bonus 1 health to the 1/1 minion, then both 1/2 minions would survive. If one of the owner's of a 1/2 then applied bonus damage to them, then the 1/2 that received a +1 damage bonus would defeat the other minion.

  • Move defeated minions to The Morgue, and the attacker then ends their turn.